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  1. in loving memory of tbm

  2. I don't even know what toilet paper Fef uses. If it's not Charmin Ultra Strong I don't want anything to do with that plebeian shit.
  3. All we've head from Software is that a pc version is "Negotiable."
  4. Who else is super hyped for Dark Souls 3? A 16 minute gameplay video was released, if anyone hasn't seen it.
  5. This is expert level writing. Although I expected sexy butkraken x hatrix fucking, this is also very good.
  6. Exhibit A: Bonks' inability to take sarcasm.
  7. nuh uh, rand finds a way
  8. so is the server down or something?

  9. Moar suggestions: Keep the rooftops open, it's real fun to jump around on them. Make them a no-build zone so people can't put sentries on them. Put the wall back into the spawn window. Raise the skybox so it's easier to get from roof to roof.
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