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  1. I like the part about shyrus lol I liked this page
  2. Feb 25, 1945 Branch: Marine Corps World War 2 Day 3, I made a new friend today. His name is Dan, he has a wife and 2 daughters. He says his wife name is Julie and his daughters names are Lindsey and Grace. He showed me there picture. Lindsey is brunette and grace is blond. There both 12 now. Dan is also from Texas. He grew up on a farm and his mother died last year. Bunkers are getting more and more crowded and It seem everyday it gets darker and colder. Gavin has not been looking so good lately. I'm sure it'll fly by. No word of fighting or attacks. Just heard from patrol a couple of noises south of the site. Nothing to worry about they told me. To pass the time we will play cards or tell story's. Dan is an okay guy. I hope to extend our friendship. ILL MIND OF SHYRUS
  3. February 25, 1945 Branch: Marine Corps World War 2 Day 2, We have just arrived at the new barracks, The lights are dim and its cold and depressing. Me and Gavin have been sent to a new platoon. We are currently on standby . I've seen too much all ready, Men are crying about there wife and children thinking they will never see them again. I'm starting to think if I accually had a family. Sometimes I think after the war I would go on to run a shelter for veterans and raise a family...Id name my son Gavin. Gavin is starting to get worried and we havent even stepped on the battle field.. It's scary. Thank god I'm here for him but I'm scared too. ILL MIND OF SHYRUS
  4. Everyone feel free to post LOL SAVING PRIVATE SHYRUS
  5. February 24 , 1945 Branch: Marine Corps World War 2 Day 1, Today I finished required training for a marine...We are being shipped to a island called Iwo Jima It's currently controlled by the Japanese and we are planning to control it. My only friend is Gavin, We are both Private first class, He says it'll be all fine. We are promised battle on this island, we do not know what to expect. General says win or do not come back, I know he does not mean that But I know better than to lose...My name is Shyrus. This is just the beginning of my journey I'm sure of..... ILL MIND OF SHYRUS
  6. Iv had sweet boys dream unusaul before
  7. I clicked link he said he it was all a big misunderstanding, he wants to be your friend again .he also asked if both my lungs were healthy...people these days Am I right?
  8. why do you care

    1. 1990's Television

      1990's Television

      Trick question:
      I DON'T

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