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  1. Why does falling asleep with your pants on feel so awful when you wake up? Dx

    1. Rubberband


      Trust me, i've done it loads of times. It's annoying

    2. White_Warlock
  2. We need a button to dispense raw steak. We'll call it, instant bum fight.
  3. Where the only place you can find a cleaning product is on the ground.
  4. Though I do enjoy a good ol' slap down in the death room under spawn, it can leave something to be desired. A certain glory of watching the blood soaked mug of your fellow traveling bag person, staggering around in the pale moonlight. Besides, the normal slap fest room is getting rather corpsey and could be aired out for a while.   With another boxing area installed, we could free up the basement to accommodate other activities. For example, that room could be used for all to expose themselves whilst jamming ones █████ straight into another's ███████ repeatedly.  Or even ████ them over and ████ them until they ███ █████ ███.   So I move that we gather the finest second hand mattresses, broken hockey sticks and whatever we can pass off as rope! Alongside such a monument a bell should be installed to commence each round.   
  5. Heyooo! I'm your friendly neighborhood Aganemnom. One of your regular, run of the mill, slumlordy admins. Not sure how long I've been lurking around the dank depths of the black market, but it's been a fair amount now.   I enjoy collecting items in trade fortress two and never letting them leave the confines of my backpack ♥   Some of my favorite games would include minecraft, quake 3 arena and system shock 2. There really are far to many to list though.   Currently learning to draw as well as animate, trying to get a series off the ground on the interwebs but I have my work cut out for me :x
  6. Agy

    TBM Upgrades Web

    It has that new forum smell :o
  7. Just your basic mushroom!

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