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  1. Dont you just love it when a virus kills everything you ever loved on your computer? Well I dont but Im back after jamming the reset button like a raging 10 year old jams the disconnect button

  2. Okay I have made a list of what "Should" happen with these commands !virgin-You get a bleed effect !hookers-you get mad milked !Druggie-You screen gets the drug screen filter !Drug dealer- You get two options on screen overdose(Death) with a scream sound effect or you get the drug screen effect like with !druggie !serial Killers-You are marked for death and set ablaze (Think of what Jason would do) !Rand-explosion your dead !Ryuke-Your slapped and launched !kaiza-Your turned into a robot and disco is activated for you (You can now join kaiza in his giant robot walks around the alley) There you go. These are some good matches if I do say so myself
  3. I found a cheap ass mic to match my cheap ass budget then I tested it and remembered why I never used one to start

  4. http://www.teamfortress.com/loveandwar/ Well everyone the first day of two has arrived of the LOVE AND WAR UPDATE with all new crap too throw in our faces This time the Item of the update appears to be taunts of various nature along with 6 new achievement and a rather odd new meet the team SFM and miss Pauling even has a voice actor now So what will happen for day 2? Were gonna find out!
  5. And this is the story of me on every other server
  6. WHats that TF2 Team? An upcoming weapon update? Really? Well BobbyJoe looke who's laughing now

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      inb4 land before time, get on my fucking level

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      inb4 Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

  7. I got a kill-a-watt rather festive tree I Have joined the all class team

  8. Well Microsoft had put up Saints Row 3 up for free for gold members and after 2 days IM FREE!

  9. (You walk into a room with one lone window its dark with flashes of lighting you cant see much but what you can see aint good blood and gore line the walls and floors and stacks of weapons lay all around a lone figure lies in the corner clutching a disguise kit "It" then speaks) "The names cruncher. Codecruncher and welcome to my domain" "Im a gamer as you may have guessed Do I have a favorite game?...hahaha...whatever is on the shelf Is what gets played there is no one game" "I have been a member of this fine alley since late 2013 and have had many good time here" "Attitude wise im a bit on the jackass side but if your nice to me im nice to you.....for the most part) "As for TF2 do I have a favorite class Engi and Demo my friend" "Lastly your looking at the guy who run's the yearly TBM awards giving the best of the best what they deserve" "Now about you..." (The figure reaches into his coat and pulls out what appears to be a Gold plated pocket watch..silently ticking away as the minutes going by the blue LED lights giving an outline the figure) (He slips the watch back in his coat and pulls out a Black revolver with a thin red Christmas light taped on the barrel he then aims for you) "You now know more than any one man should..*CLICK*...nothing personal but *Ahem* this is the black market after all Sorry" BLAM! BLAM BLAM!
  10. I killed a player named ally she sat in lounge hanging around until suddenly..
  11. http://gaben.tv/ I have seen the end of our wallets and it is great
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      I don't know how to respond to this.

  12. http://gaben.tv/ I have seen the end and it is great
  13. Ill play with ya If you want a scary one try that "My nightmare" that things freaky
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