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  1. Don't encourage their havoc-inducing propaganda, you fool! The next thing you know the passengers will be surging and rioting up from below and we will have to lock then up, dooming them all to a watery grave.
  2. I have been incognito a lot lately and I have actually been observing this "new" person enough to know who he is and that he seems to actually have some experience playing the game TF2, which is slightly less common among traders. I approve so far. ;)
  3. It took me almost a full moment. I am slipping. I may need that cloak after all.
  4. Everyone stop pushing and shoving! There are plenty of lifeboats for everyone.
  5. Is it sad that I looked at that link and the first thing I thought was "Ooh! How much?"
  6. Assiduous+4, bustling+3, engaged+5², industrious+3, laborious+4, sedulous+5.
  7. Please do try to keep the Gmen spoilers under wraps as it is a fun discovery for people finding them for the first time. I run a sort of scavenger hunt to find all the lurking Gmen  and I've had long-time regulars who didn't even know there were more than one!    Love the reporting though, keep it up (but on the down-low :ph34r: in this case)!
  8. LOL   This actually made me laugh out loud.
  9. Busy is an understatement. Thanks for your understanding and patience. :wub:
  10. Thanks for understanding, Pootis. It is that attitude that may well see you as our youngest janitor yet, even if it doesn't happen before you are a teenager. I meant what I said about really enjoying having you as a prominent member of our community, and I hope the absence of an official empoyee badgedoes not change your participation and enthusiasm at all.
  11. I'm sorry, Vince, but at this time, you are not being considered for rehire as a janitor on the Black Market TF2 Trade server. You are welcome to try again at some point in the future, but let's give it some time.  I suggest close to your 18th birthday.
  12. Thank you for your interest in our janitorial program.   I have couple of reservations. I would like to discuss them with you. We'll start with P for ping, and move on to R and S, not necessarily in that order, if we have time.  I'm at work until Tuesday evening but maybe I can steal a few minutes if I see you onlne.   :unsure: You are being watched. :ph34r:
  13. Thank you for your interest in our janitorial program. :unsure: You are being watched. :ph34r:   (Never underestimate the influence, power and persuasion of a good Grimace)
  14. Thank you for your interest in our janitorial program. This is the sort of thing I look for. Keep up the good work.   :unsure: You are being watched. :ph34r:
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