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  1. "This server has always just been a really bad bag of chips. When you take your first chip it sucks huge cock and you hate it, but you're just to lazy to go get another bag of chips, so you finish the chips. Looks like i'm all out of chips". White_Warlock, The Pretzelomicon, Pg. 591 TL;DR: TBM is a bag of bad chips
  2. He's the best ryuke. Don't fucking Question him.
  3. I'd get back on the WoW Bandwagon. My nostalgias been drilling my dick for months because i'm taking a break from Pandaland to Warlords of Draenor (Go Horde or i'll fucking cut your cocksacks)
  4. Requested by Server: Deer, Evan, Warcock, R34.
  5. Who cares about Dr. Australium anymore? That's old news.
  6. i'm not even one.
  7. My vote is surely hollow by now, but if my vote still counts i'll vote for DarkRP and TTT. Preferably on the Alley map.
  8. Oh, good look in your stories then.
  9. May I ask that you got this idea from a certain Youtube Series currently being created?
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