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  1. Time for my weeaboo ass to shine Inb4 Boku no Piko The fate series is really good, the remaster of Unlimited Blade Works just ended and is one of the best things I've seen in awhile Durarara is also frickin amazing and I can't wait for season 2 to end. I could go on for a long time but I'm sure no one wants to listen to listen to that.
  2. 12:35 PM - Eben(NoSound)[⇄]B>Keys $1.70: hey do you still have your unusual hat? still selling? 12:35 PM - Evangelatin_: yup 12:35 PM - Eben(NoSound)[⇄]B>Keys $1.70: may i know how many keys again you want for it mate? 12:35 PM - Evangelatin_: 44 12:35 PM - Eben(NoSound)[⇄]B>Keys $1.70: can we do 40? 12:35 PM - Evangelatin_: nope 12:35 PM - Eben(NoSound)[⇄]B>Keys $1.70: 42? 12:35 PM - Evangelatin_: 44 is the lowest discount im willing to give for pure 12:36 PM - Eben(NoSound)[⇄]B>Keys $1.70: ok deal . but wait me for 5 mins im going get the keys from my supplier friend through paypal 12:36 PM - Evangelatin_: alright then 12:37 PM - Eben(NoSound)[⇄]B>Keys $1.70: but wait can we make sure and check if its not an item bug first? 12:37 PM - Eben(NoSound)[⇄]B>Keys $1.70: do you have a trusted friend that you can trust with your hat that is online now? 12:37 PM - Evangelatin_: and there it is 12:37 PM - Evangelatin_: no scam today buddy 12:38 PM - Evangelatin_: reported and blocked
  3. I ship it, and support it. Not much of a reason for either of you to not be admins, Hatrix made an honest mistake and Butkraken just disappeared for a year. Full Support
  4. *Insert wall of text here* I say this to Ryuke's face and he accepts it as criticsim no need to act like I'm talking behind his back
  5. Im glad our community means so much to you that you're willing to put in the effort to try to avoid bans, I can't wait to see how this plays out.
  6. so you mean the dueling minigames that already exist in the game
  7. Literally the exact guy added me for a planets coup like 30 min ago 99legit101me
  8. Its because we got his dick picks that he got it, sweets is just late to the party
  9. Just need to add a spray of Wave's waifu in the background and its perfect
  10. from left to right: Hatrix, Warlock, Vince?, Kerbs Next Row: 90s, Deer, Me, Mr Fedora
  11. He offered a bills and some shit random craft # on my aussie mini
  12. Never tell your password to anyone. Wednesday, August 27, 2014 9:35 PM - 1655: intrested my offer 9:35 PM - 1655: 9:35 PM - 1655: ? 9:35 PM - Evangelion_: got another lowball for me? 9:35 PM - Evangelion_: a ment to hide that 9:35 PM - Evangelion_: fuck off 9:35 PM - 1655 is now Offline.
  13. Am on the server nearly every day and cant ever recall seeing your name before
  14. Probably the most reasonable, and all around pleasant person on the TF2 server. Also has pretty good taste in headwear Has my full support
  15. This is exactly how its done, too bad mine is 1/1
  16. This is a rollercoaster of butthurt and emotion like non I have ever seen Seems like foxy needs a bit of this
  17. This is basically the only solution I can see at this point, we try to stop it as much as we can, but the admins cant be on the server 24/7. This would also fix a few other issues caused by exploits with items. There is a plugin for this I believe but it's up to resin whether or not its added in.
  18. >Rek his shit in on the server when not admin >Still Rek his shit when admin >gets pissy when told he's autistic >What else would you expect from the doctor of autism >Cont. fucking with him and he flips shit over mic >Full autism mode engaged >Thinks warlock is his only friend >hatch plan >Warlock Makes him think I have alts just to abuse him with and warlock is one >It works and he does this >MRW
  19. !warcock A soldier jumps out of spawn shoots 3 rockets at you and as soon as his health falls below 150 he disappears
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