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  1. Im going away for most of july :( hopefully the market does not crash on me and when i get back the summer sale is still on :P

    1. CorporalPrime_


      have a nice trip

  2. NO  :P.................................. well ya it is BUT I LIKE IT.
  3. I am going to bee gone most of this week end so cya when i cya

  4. To me the robo update was a disappointment i liked that its was all community made but it did not help the economy i agree with ham that we need more new weps + we need like a slot machine to get rid of ref rec and scrap metal 
  5. Hey Jmd here   This is a game i like to call How well we know people.   1st name 3 things 1 must be false 2 must be true    so I will start   1.I have been on Tv  2. I don't have a mic 3. I live on a tiny island   you don't have to be very personal I just wanted to :P    Keep the chain going
  6. This just in I have been informed that we have confirmed 1 g man in the field but due to security issues and recent threats(that doesn't induce a person gutting me with my own huntsman and making me eat my self) we may not post pictures of hes specific location   p.s. I am not writing this against my will                                                 This is Jmd                                                             reporting from trade alley
  7. There has been a legend of g men lurking in the shadow of our beloved trade alley.   There has been reports of him in the cafe watching you, above the alley watching our every move, by out field, and in our theater.   No one know for sure how many g men there are lurking in the shadows but beware because they are all ways watching.                                                           This is Jmd                                                                              reporting from trade alley      
  8. Hey my name is Jmd    I am kinda new here. I have been on this server for 3 months i think it has been a good time   Fav games   1. tf2 2.Ps2 (planet side 2) 3.g mod ( who doesnt like that game its so funny) 4. l4d2 5.FTL   Hobbies i collect emoticons because I LOVE EMOTICONS  :P so far i have all the tf2 emoticons and the Faster than light emoticons i am right now working on the L4d2 emoticons   I am the proud owner of a planets anger    fav classes  1. sniper 2. engi 3. demo 4. soldier 5. pyro   That about sums up me  :D So now i pass the question on  WHO ARE YOU? :huh:
  9. Having a nice day, got my dream unusual

  10. jmd

    TBM Upgrades Web

    So far so good. I like it a lot
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