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  1. I TOOK A POOP TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. who just won a million dollars from a scratch off he found on a dead hooker.
  3. cant you be both. in the year 2013, why should i be forced between 2 equally equal choices. be like bamboo and bend. if gay people can be gay and married, why cant you be both a human and a penis. why, WHY
  4. ripped his penis into shreds, it was a bitteresweet day
  5. How dare you, who do you think you are? First i would like to say that if it wasn't for Drop i wouldn't even be playing the video game known as Dota 2. Second, My dick is 1 Inch long and made out of Diamond, limp cock Diamond. 3. i don't remember you asking me if i needed anything on your dearest Blotto. Fourth, I was high and balls deep in an epic battle of life and death, as you can attest to, which brings me back to #1. since you showed me the world of Dota 2, this is all technically your fault. you brought this upon yourself bear. I really needed that clarity,(just like i really needed big penis inside me) like really bad. it had been days, many suns rose since the last time i had a hit of that sweet sweet chiba we call cock, i needed the hit man. im doing the steps but i fall back on occassion.
  6. just woke up, took a shit, and posted on here. all for you swamp
  7. i talked to 90's once, made me want to be dallans friend. his best friend.
  8. glad you like it swamp, i wanted to make you proud.
  9. My name is Matic AKA Enigmatic AKA Enigma-Tick AKA That nigga with the 1 inch bronze Dick!!!!. Bling Bling Motherfuckers. But seriously my dick is 1 inch long and made of pure bronze, I pull big fat chodes like sweets pulls bitches. The only games I play involve crushing the spirits of doe eyed bitches after i smashed in the back seat of my 64 impala. Seriously though my dick is made out of rusted out bronze. I stumbled upon these degenerates of society in one of the backest of back allies in the darkest recesses of the dark net, while I was looking for some Midget/Donkey/Snuff/triple fisting porn. And they were the only ones holding. And like the kindred spirits that we are we all bonded over a circle jerk. Where if memory serves correct Dallan eat the bread. If you only take one thing from my intro, I hope it’s my 1 inch cock, either in your mouth / ass or vagina. Only Men need to apply.
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