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    From the depths, he has returned! huzzah!
  2. All the toppings just slid off my pizza. I guess it's saucy bread tonight <_<

  3. Magnum

    IPB 4.0

    It's got that new forum smell
  4. Hope everyone is having an awesome holiday!
  5. your challenge, should you choose to accept it..
  6. Having already a bit of programming experience, I'd really like to learn C++ so I can write some stuff for Unreal 4.
  7. An awesome indie game you can put hundreds of hours into. Also, owning this game gets your 33% off the sequel (Rebirth) that comes out in November. http://store.steampowered.com/app/113200/
  8. Post an example Rubberband. I've never heard electric swing.
  9. Magnum

    Interest Check

    I'm still interested in Pixelmon
  10. I tried to get people together to start playing a while ago, but didn't have much success. I still play very often, but use a matchmaking site to play against other people. If there others that want to play we could set up a mumble channel for it, maybe even a forum discussion. Send me a message on steam. http://theblackmarketgaming.com/topic/607-smash-bros/
  11. It totally depends on what the black market community wants to play. To what i've seen.. only Dota2 and TF2.
  12. Just less than 3hrs before the 80% off deal expires.
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