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    Resin_ reacted to Sinch_Fett in Minecraft Server Is Back   
    Socket is only currently supported on Windows devices.
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    Resin_ reacted to Ovascopa in Minecraft Server Is Back   
    Does the Socket installation run for Android devices or is it only configured to cpus?
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    Resin_ reacted to rand.ohmguy_ in Oh TBM.   
    Yup, it is rip.
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    Resin_ reacted to Dr. Xeno Pootis in Oh TBM.   
    There's a lot of memories here and in the server.
    About 2-3 years ago? It was so much fun. I made so many friends.
    But now, the community is dead. The slumlords are quiet.
    I miss TBM.
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    Resin_ reacted to Hatrix in Formal Resignation.   
    This is my formal resignation from TBM adminship and TBM related duties. I request removal of my admin privileges on all servers and in the steam group. My reasons for resigning are personal, I have no beef with anyone here. The times I've had here have been fun over the last couple of years. Locking the topic as there's no need to reply to it and I request that nobody replies nor makes a big deal out of it.
    Have a good one guys.
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    Resin_ got a reaction from Magnum in The Pyro Class - Broke?   
    The pyro update called, it wants you to know that pyro has been broken since the backburner came out.
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    Resin_ reacted to Magnum in Rocket League   
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    Resin_ reacted to Ryuke in Veteran Tags!   
    I don't think that's a good idea. It'll cheapen the respect for the contribution other people have made and at the same time give people a reason to think old users are better than new users. The server's bad enough with that already; scaring away new people.
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    Resin_ reacted to Hatrix in TF2 Server Commands Guide   
    New to our servers? Trying to figure out these commands? This guide can help you understand!
    As a general rule, most commands start with either ! or /. ! will let others see the command when you type it, / will execute the command silently. (e.g. !menu versus /menu)
    Public Commands
    !trade, !trade <target>Trade can be used as an easy alternative instead of going into the TF2 menu to trade. Type !trade and hit escape to select a user to trade with. !trade <target> can be used to select a specific target instead of using the selection menu. Confirm the trade request by selecting "Yes! Send a trade now." !pm, !pmsend <message>PM, standing for private message, is a method of privately communicating to other users on the server that you might not have on your friend's list.    Inbox - Your inbox of PMs. You can delete messages by selecting them and choosing the delete option.     Outbox - Your outgoing PMs.     Friends - Your friends list for PMs on the server. You can send a PM to any user on this list.     Blocklist - Users on this list cannot send you a PM.     Groups - A list of groups that you are a part of or have created.     Help - An FAQ about the PM system. If you have a question on how to use the PM system, the answer is probably here. !adminsView who the current admins on the server are. !pc, !pc <target>Check the price of an item. !ks, !ks <number>Give yourself a killstreak. Used to activate particle effects on professional killstreak items. !tpView the world and your player model in third person. !fpView the world in first person. Donator Commands
    Modest Donator Commands
    !vc, !vciVC is used to change Voice Channels in our TF2 servers. Currently we have Public, Donator, Admin, and Announcer channels. When in a voice channel, you can only hear voice chat from players in the same voice channel. Users start in the Public channel. The Announcer channel can hear and speak to all channels. !vci will invite someone to your current voice channel. !noisemaker, !noisemaker <number>Use a noisemaker! Select your noise from the menu and it will play. !noisemaker <number> will play a noisemaker based on the number you choose. !rocketmeLaunch yourself into space! Ka-BEWWWWWWWWM! !marryMarry your lover on the server. Married couples are ranked based on time spent together and points scored on the server. Noble Donator Commands
    !resizemeResizes your player model. Size is preset. !robotMakes your player model into a robot version of yourself! You retain your cosmetics while in robot form. !trailmeAdds a smoke trail to yourself. !rainbowizeTurns your chat text into a lovely rainbow. Towering Donator Commands
    !buildinghatsGives any sentries and/or dispensers you build hats! Hats may be unusual in quality. !mypitch <number>Raises or lowers your character's vocal lines. !kartmePuts your character into a Halloween kart. Beep beep! Benefactor Commands
    [Reserved Slot Access] More to come... If you have further question, feel free to direct them to any admin.
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    Resin_ reacted to Ryuke in Racism and shit   
    Recently I've been feeling our userbase shift a little towards being real human beings instead of memelords from the 5th dimension of Xanax. Maybe that change isn't happening as fast as we'd like, but all change takes time. Think it's pretty odd that this is the point at which you'd bring this up.
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    Resin_ reacted to Bonks in Racism and shit   
    Not trying to be a bitch or anything, but the racial slurs that are thrown around in our server is pretty intense, we have a few people that come on that are completely based on racism, this creates a type of barrier from us to the innocents. I'm not saying we should abolish it, but the ways we use faggot and darky is something that burns people out of our server. We should just tone it down, all I'm saying.
    Keep it cool-Chippy_
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    Resin_ got a reaction from Magnum in hi   
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    Resin_ reacted to Sinch_Fett in And So It Begins.   
    Socket & Minecraft are back online
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    Resin_ reacted to Hatrix in TF2 Server Rules   
    These rules are in effect as of July 31st, 2015. By clicking continue and entering our servers, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.
    General Server RulesSpawncamping is allowed on RC4 and on. There are multiple exits out of spawn on these versions of the map.On RC3, spawncamping is not allowed, neither is shooting into spawn. Teleporters leading into spawn are not allowed. Do not mess with people spycrabbing or dueling for bets. No sprays are allowed that are offensive, inappropriate, or pornographic in nature. Do not impersonate an admin. All admins will have either a [Janitor] or [Slumlord] tag on the server, not in their actual steam name. Don't be an asshole. Do not hack, aimbot, triggerbot, or use any third-party software that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. Use of said software will be met with a permanent ban with no appeal. Purposefully attempting to crash and/or break the server will result in a ban. Length of ban is left to the discretion of the server admins. Admin's say is the final word. Do not argue with it. Communication RulesText chat is only to be used once per chat cycle. Do not spam advertisements or binds. Do not interrupt anyone on the mic. Don't be a mic hog. Let others talk as well. Micspamming is allowed only in the Donator voice channel (use the !vc command to switch channels). Trading RulesDo not random trade. Any player found to be scamming or attempting to scam someone will be permanently banned from our servers. Do not beg for free items or donations. Doesn't matter if it's your birthday or not. Betting RulesSpycrabbing / Heavy Boxing for bets is allowed.Standard Spycrabbing rules apply (first to three crabs loses). Standard Heavy Boxing rules apply (stock fists only, first to beat their opponent three times wins). If you spycrab / box without an admin middleman, we are in no way responsible for your loss if someone runs. The runner however will be permanently banned. Any item(s) being crabbed / boxed which are worth over a total of five keys require an admin middleman. You can use an admin middleman for any amount of items however. An admin middleman is anyone with the [Janitor] or [Slumlord] tag on the server. Only admins can act as middlemen on our server(s). Tips and/or donations are not required or expected for middlemen. Other betting games are allowed, e.g. Huntsman dueling, Cleaverball, etc.The rules must be made clear and agreed upon by both parties before the duel takes place. All other standard rules apply concerning bets and middlemen. See above.
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    Resin_ reacted to Ryuke in I hate the coin laundry   
    I hate the fuckin' coin laundry, that place is boring as fuck and nobody even knows what half of the shit in there is. Those big cylinder shits? Industrial laundry machines. It being one of the few places big enough to actually have a shootout in, AND YET NOBODY FIGHTING THERE, it fairly annoying. People say the pool is a maze, and sure, it might be, but the coin laundry is an empty fucking room with no effort put into it at all. Guy puts up admittance to authorized personnel signs up, who does he think he is? God? How's he going to enforce that shit? The building is one of the shits unlocked by default when you stroll into the alley, but the only shop in memory that you can get behind the counter of without having to some some special snowflake secret. Nothing to rob in this crapshack, I bet the owner runs it as a turnkey operation. Fat fucker named Sal, probably some italian mafioso type. Guy's got some poor decoration taste, got signs he doesn't even take care of, an atlantic sign and two combine signs. Human-race traitor, I hope his ass has been chosen to relocate to c17.
    Unlike, Downvote, and remember to Unsubscribe
    Also, if you have any good ideas for what to replace that shitty crapshack with, send a self-addressed stamped envelope along with your suggestions below.
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    Resin_ reacted to Ryuke in Clean Slate!   
    The effort is what counts, nobody changes all at once.
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    Resin_ reacted to Hatrix in Mario Kart Maps   
    Mmm, some sexy track breaks.
    Hey look, I recorded a shitty video. Thanks to Ryuke for textures and animated Boo : P
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    Resin_ reacted to Ryuke in Mario Kart Maps   
    No Hater of Ricks Youtube icon? For shame.
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    Resin_ reacted to Hatrix in Mario Kart Maps   
    Too lazy to resize my avatar so YT will take it.
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    Resin_ reacted to Hatrix in Mario Kart Maps   
    Hey fagbags, Ryuke and myself are letting the .vmf files rot working on some Mario Kart maps for TBM. Personally, I'm working on Ghost Valley 3 from Mario Kart for the SNES.
    Any feedback, ideas, or other garbage you guys wanna say is welcome.
    Progress on Ghost Valley so far: 1, 2, and 3.
    I'm gonna try to post daily updates so I don't abandon the project because I'm lazy.
    Planned Features for Ghost Valley:
    Lakitu "picking you back up" should you fall off the track. Spells used as power-ups / pick-ups. An NPC Kart Racer driving around the map, pushes other players out of the way. Tower Spawn points, used to spectate other racers. Admin room?
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    Resin_ got a reaction from Fefeta in Janitor Application!   
    Nice answers! I also would have accepted "Resin_ is sexy as hell".
    Waiting on further Slumlord discussion in this thread, thanks for applying!
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    Resin_ reacted to Ryuke in trade_alley Progress   
    The Road to Rc5:
    Clearly differentiate between buildings (done)
    Remodel pool (done)
    Remodel pawn (done)
    Remodel club (done)
    Remodel Spycrab area (done)
    Increase contrast between indoors and outdoors (done)
    Update soundscape (done)
    Fix arena spawntimes (done)
    Add additional car paths (done)
    Fix collision errors (done)
    Remodel spawn exits (done)
    Add lightcones (done)
    Lighting fixes (done?)
    Illuminate posters (done)
    Spawn ceiling raised (I done raised that roof)
    Rename Siren's Cinemas(no good ideas)
    Karting area(scrapped)
    Readd hot tub (likely scrapped)
    Admin Hall of Hatz (likely scrapped)
    Add rain (50%)
    Add new stores (incomplete)
    Decorate Event teleporter room (incomplete)
    4 Billboards, 4 signs in subway (incomplete)
    Write manual for admin controls (incomplete)
    Redo Tom's Specials sign(incomplete)
    Refix Chuckvision for rc5(incomplete)
    Seekrets (incomplete)
    Screenshots available on my steam account.
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    Resin_ reacted to Sinch_Fett in Minecraft Server Is Back   
    After having several runs with Beta Testers in order to test mods, a short break, and a complete rebuild of the server due to the loss of MCPC+ and Cauldron, we are back with a Pure Forge Server. 
    To Connect, Simply Download Socket, Click Minecraft in the Socket Library, Choose Install, Let it do its thing, then follow the directions located under the Manual Section of the Socket Library to setup Minecraft and you are good to go.
    What this currently means for players:
    1.) The Worlds are Completely Fresh, New, Clean, and Uninhabited.
    2.) Players are Free to Build Pretty Much anywhere - as long as no major mod updates come out the majority of the world space especially the main overworld is completely safe to build in
    3.) The worlds are all Survival Based
    4.) Users can now use the majority of Survival Based items as long as no major amount of griefing or intentional lag creation occurs, users are free to build, mine, loot, and play uninhibited to provide a more realistic style of gameplay
    5.) Elimination of Lockette - Though Lockette was a good chest/door protection module it relied on a bukkit based backend on the server this has since been eliminated due to a DCMA notice issued in late 2014 - That being said many of the mods introduce lockable equipment, ways to build area protection etc - search for a way and you are likely to find one
    6.) Introduction of several dimensions - meaning more gameplay options - Lord of the Rings, Atum, Erebus, Elysium, Twilight Forest, Overworld, the Nether, and The End
    7.) Way more blocks than you could possibly imagine - Imagine being able to fully customize your creations - well now you can with the introduction of thousands of new blocks, hundreds of new food items -- Feeling overwhelmed - use the built in Crafting Guide to look up recipes
    8.) Introduction of a Mapping Mod - Journey Map tracks where you have been and provides a good in game map - also if you are looking for a more antique view, craft an antique atlas and check out the old school mapping style
    9.) Metals stronger than Diamond - With the introduction of so many mods, it only seemed right that diamonds would no longer be the end game material - experiment while mining, smelting, and creating alloys to create the best armor and weaponry.
    10.) Travel the worlds, discover their secrets, and most of all have fun!
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    Resin_ got a reaction from Magnum in IPB 4.0   
    Updated to RC4, sorry about the posting/profile issues.
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    Resin_ got a reaction from Magnum in And So It Begins.   
    Hey Everyone,
    It's been a hectic month for us all, especially with the Holidays. We would however like to get the ball rolling on some things we've been working on (mostly Sinch), and set ourselves up for 2015.
    You've all noticed a change around here in the last couple months, and it hasn't been for nothing. Once Magnum and I get settled with our personal lives, we hope to have some exciting stuff rolling out beginning next year. While the two of us finish up our branding work, Sinch has been slaving away on our first project. The Distributor has made massive progress in a short amount of time (because Sinch is a freakin' beast), and it will also take on a new name before its public beta release.
    Sooooo... what's going on with The Black Market? TBM isn't going anywhere. Unfortunately, my personal life has left me with very little free time as of late; but I am still keeping an eye on everything. Our donation systems have been down for a while now, in anticipation of moving to a better method. Game servers will continue to sprout up when desired, as of now we're sitting on 3. The community has always been very vocal and helpful on moving TBM forward, and hopefully we can get back to that "feeling" in the near future.
    For now, please feel free to respond with any comments, questions, or concerns and I'll address them to the best of my ability!
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