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    Socket is Defeated Software's (The Black Market's Parent) first product, made to integrate with The Black Market's Community. Using TBM's user base, you can create clans/chat channels, manage your games (including mods), and more. It's very rough at the moment, but will slowly be expanded on. This application was largely developed by Sinch_Fett & to a lesser extent me.
  1. Aaaaaaaand closed, lack of interest.
  2. Hey Folks, Our (modded) Rust server is now live, you can find it at theblackmarket.co:28015
  3. It's been a while. The Black Market started with an inner-city shithole TF2 map I made called trade_alley. From there many friendships were made, admins came and went, game servers went up and down, migrations happened, and now we're here. Ryuke pretty much handles all things TF2-community these days, and the server is still live (though it's changed IPs a few times). The core community members now linger in Discord, some of us having known eachother for almost a decade. Recently we've been playing Rainbow Six: Siege, stop by for an inhouse!
  4. Lotta folks left TF2 for newer shooters, the way she goes boys. Server will live on however!
  5. Sorry to hear that Night Come around more often, we miss you!
  6. Happy Holidays!

  7. Here is one of our longest-running threads where many past and present community members have introduced themselves. https://account.theblackmarket.co/topic/9-introduce-yourself3333333333/
  8. Hey Folks, As of roughly 11/18/16 our services have been migrated once again, as the host we've had for the last few years has been having ongoing vitulization issues. Our box is now located in Dallas TX (central), and our storage is now completely SSD-based. We've also moved off of Windows Server 2012 to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, which has freed up a bit of resources. Rock on, Resin_
  9. Not quite yet, I've been weighing my options
  10. Hey Folks, New emoticons have been added to the forum! If you find any more good packs, let me know here! Resin_
  11. Resin_


    Don't watch it myself, but Pootis recently started a similar thread.
  12. Resin_


    Look what the cat dragged in!
  13. The pyro update called, it wants you to know that pyro has been broken since the backburner came out.
  14. Resin_

    Rocket League

    I keep hearing this game is fun but I just can't seem to gather the urge to buy it.
  15. Resin_

    Veteran Tags!

    Obviously those who frequently play on our server(s) are important, but I think more tags would be confusing. A while back I thought about implanting play time into the rank system, and still can if there is interest. (It already logs time played, just doesn't do anything with it)
  16. Resin_

    Racism and shit

    For me this has always been one of those "give a few good warnings then ban if it continues" instances.
  17. I believe Sinch is working on it now. Keep an eye on the server status page to see when it's live.
  18. Resin_

    And So It Begins.

    Currently (re)building out our donation system, a little more seamless this time around. Steam IDs can now be added via your profile here on the forum. Inevitably donations will be handled via the forum, and your server rank will be automatically updated alongside your forum rank. Our bot *may* make a comeback. Also (re)building our server management page for Slumlords, hoping to add a few more features this time around. I'll keep you posted.
  19. Resin_

    Mario Kart Maps

    Lookin good! Let me know if you need any help getting some round start/end triggers in place!
  20. Hey Folks, Figure I should probably put my 2 cents in here. As others have mentioned, opinions. Running a server is no easy task, let alone having our own map to accompany it. For years I pandered to the community's endless wants and needs, it's extremely tiring. You're never going to please everyone. Which brings me to my next point, our staff. TBM started and was run for years on my ideals, and by my friends. Each admin we bring on board is taught how we handle situations, and I from there I hope no conflict arises. It happens however, most recently between Ryuke and Hatrix. To keep this simple, all I ask of my Slumlords is to treat the server, community, and each other with respect. I haven't hosted this server for years on my own dime for endless dick measuring contests. Please bring any disagreements/conflicts to this forum, and I'll middle man them as always. Have fun out there, Resin_ EDIT: Looks like Hatrix beat me to a response here. I'm not taking sides, just want to share my opinion. I don't know Bonks, so I'm not going to get into hating on anyone. If he truly is as bad as Hatrix makes out then he is entitled to his own opinion, but this isn't how the situation should be handled. We handle toxic players internally, and have a pretty extensive banlist to show for it. As for what trade_alley has become, I would no longer call it my work. I mean no offence to Ryuke who is quite new to Hammer, but the consistent standards I built trade_alley upon are long gone. Is this a bad thing? That's debatable. Has he completely murdered the map's theme? Yes. Is he learning a cool tool and adding more trade server related content? Yes. In the end, we both took a different approach to mapping; which is pretty darn common. I personally appreciate the (free) time he has devoted to the community, and has been nothing but respectful to me. I have nothing against Hatrix either, and I hope that these concerns can be squashed so we can get back to enjoying video games. I consider myself lucky to have met everyone I have, and been able to give people a place they can call home in TF2 for over 5 years.
  21. I'm sure Ryuke would enjoy something like this!
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