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  1. Resin_

    IPB 4.0

    Updated to
  2. Resin_

    IPB 4.0

    Updated to
  3. Resin_

    IPB 4.0

    Updated to 4.4.7
    Socket is Defeated Software's (The Black Market's Parent) first product, made to integrate with The Black Market's Community. Using TBM's user base, you can create clans/chat channels, manage your games (including mods), and more. It's very rough at the moment, but will slowly be expanded on. This application was largely developed by Sinch_Fett & to a lesser extent me.
  4. Resin_

    IPB 4.0

    Updated to 4.4.5
  5. Aaaaaaaand closed, lack of interest.
  6. Hey Folks, Our (modded) Rust server is now live, you can find it at theblackmarket.co:28015
  7. Resin_

    IPB 4.0

    Updated to 4.2.7
  8. It's been a while. The Black Market started with an inner-city shithole TF2 map I made called trade_alley. From there many friendships were made, admins came and went, game servers went up and down, migrations happened, and now we're here. Ryuke pretty much handles all things TF2-community these days, and the server is still live (though it's changed IPs a few times). The core community members now linger in Discord, some of us having known eachother for almost a decade. Recently we've been playing Rainbow Six: Siege, stop by for an inhouse!
  9. Lotta folks left TF2 for newer shooters, the way she goes boys. Server will live on however!
  10. Sorry to hear that Night Come around more often, we miss you!
  11. Resin_

    IPB 4.0

    Updated to 4.2.6
  12. Happy Holidays!

  13. Here is one of our longest-running threads where many past and present community members have introduced themselves. https://account.theblackmarket.co/topic/9-introduce-yourself3333333333/
  14. Hey Folks, As of roughly 11/18/16 our services have been migrated once again, as the host we've had for the last few years has been having ongoing vitulization issues. Our box is now located in Dallas TX (central), and our storage is now completely SSD-based. We've also moved off of Windows Server 2012 to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, which has freed up a bit of resources. Rock on, Resin_
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